Our Company

Information dissemination is a key factor to an effective website.

BNG Transmedia Services, Inc. is a company that was incorporated keeping this in mind. The main reason the company was created was to address the many complaints of website owners regarding access to their webmaster. Updates of current activities, new technologies, data security, effectiveness/attractiveness of the site and cost savings are key issues we address. As a commitment to our clients, we have made it a policy to be able to update information within 24 to 48 hours upon receipt of uploads from our clients.

Technical Team: Backed by more then 10 years of experience in website build/design and SEO services,  the company’s technical head used to run an SEO company here in the country servicing U.S. clients. Now focusing on the local market for web builds, BNG Transmedia constantly develops new and better ways to effectively beautify and enhance information for website users.

Backing the build/design team is its operations, Sales & Marketing group which has extensive banking experience,  This experience  allows the group the opportunity to run the day-to-day operations of BNG. Sales & Marketing is also in charge of packaging various plans which will relate to cost effective savings for its clients. Customer satisfaction likewise is a key function of this group.

BNG Transmedia has a host of young innovative, and motivated professional staff composed of web designers and programmers. They too are committed to customer satisfaction. We believe that our company exists because of our clients.

To provide innovative, informative, ease in navigation,  and beautifully designed websites keeping in mind the viewer attention span. To be a partner of our clients in terms of support, updates in keeping their website current. Last but not the least, to ensure quality and professionalism in all areas of our services offered.

“WE WILL BE THERE WHEN YOU NEED US”. A bold statement which we are committed to address given the many complaints we hear from potential customers. Websites can be built, they can be informative but when support is needed, can you count on your webmaster to help you immediately? BNG Transmedia Services, Inc. was created specifically to address this seemingly simple problem. We see ourselves in a few years as a leader in this area.